Return Material Authorization Letter - Circular

Here you can get a sample Letter / Circular format for Defining Procedure & Authorisation for recalling of Material sold by you / your company.

Your Company Name



All Branches
Name of your Company

Sub: Approval Procedure for Material Return.

It has been observed that Credit Notes for substantial amounts are being issued every month from the branches to account for the material returned from the parties. At present there is no predefined approval procedure in place to have a control over the material returns. Henceforth, Advice for/or Credit Notes for material return can only be issued by the branches with written approval from the appropriate authority as per following:-

Sl No
Net Sales Value
Approval Authority
Up to 5.00 lacs
Sr. Br Manager/Regional Manager & Above
+ 5.00 Lacs up to 15.00 lacs
Vice President & Above
+ 15.00 Lacs

All Branches are also advised to raise only those bills for the materials which can easily be despatched during the same month.

Authorised Signatory


Cc :      Name, President
Cc :      Name, Vice President
Cc :      Name, Ast. Vice President
Cc :      Name, RMs & BMs

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